Making participation smarter.

A real-time communication tool for teachers and students in the classroom.

How It Works

For Students

Join Your Classroom

Simply enter the unique classroom code for your class, or scan the QR code projected by your teacher.

Participate Easier & Smarter

Instead of endlessly raising your hand, send a request with just one click. Let your teacher know that you've got something to say, and moreover, why you want to say it!

Actively Listen

Now you can focus on what your peers have to say, as opposed to worrying about whether or not your teacher sees your hand!

For Teachers

Setup a Classroom

Create a digital classroom for each course you teach once, and reuse it all semester.

Intelligently Navigate Participation

Access to participation intent and student wait-time offers you information that transforms how you orchestrate your classroom.

Teaching Smarter

With all this information at your fingertips, you can structure the class flow towards optimal learning.

Baton makes invisible information visible.

More Efficient & Strategic

With Baton, no more waiting for students and no more guessing for teachers.


Baton communicates information in real-time, helping a teacher and their students make the most out of their time together.

Data Driving

All the participation data collected offers rich formative assessment, allowing all stakeholders a better understanding of how participation is shaping learning.

Are you a teacher or a school board?

See how Baton can help you improve improve teaching and learning!

Contact us directly at to learn more and to schedule a demo.

Meaningful Student Engagement

Teachers: Make your classroom a smarter and more strategic place to be, and increase engagement and participation!

Modern Learning

School Boards: Equip your teachers with a powerful tool for 21st century educators and learners!